Friday, March 18, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Formation of IEEE P1906.1 Standards Working Group

We are delighted to announce the formation of the IEEE P1906.1 standards working group, the first IEEE standard to be proposed in the area of nanonetworking, which will develop common terminology, recommended practices, and standardized performance metrics.  We believe this standard will be instrumental in developing practical and commercial applications for nanonetworks.  Many thanks to our standards liaison, Steve Bush, for his hard work in making this happen!

All interested parties are invited to join this working group; we particularly invite industrial representatives from interested companies.

If you would like to join the group, please send me a message prior to the working group's inaugural meeting, tentatively scheduled for May 16, 2011.  The complete announcement is after the jump.

Nanoscale and Molecular Communications (COM/SC/NanoCom) Working Group Announcement

Sponsoring Society and Committee: IEEE Communications Society/Standards Committee (COM/SC)

Title: Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework

Scope: This recommended practice will contain a conceptual model and a standard terminology for ad hoc network communication at the nanoscale. This recommended practice will also contain: (1) a definition of nanoscale networking (2) a conceptual model for ad hoc nanoscale networking (3) common terminology for nanoscale networking, including: (a) a definition of a nanoscale channel highlighting the fundamental differences from a macroscale channel (b) abstract nanoscale channel interfaces with nanoscale systems (c) performance metrics common to ad hoc nanoscale communication networks (d) a mapping between nanoscale and traditional communication networks, including necessary high level components such as a map of major components: coding and packets, addressing, routing, localization, layering, reliability.

Academics, industrial representatives, and other individuals with interest in nanoscale networking are invited to participate in this new working group.  Working group members will assist the working group in composing and shaping the standard.  Membership in the working group should be requested prior to the group’s inaugural meeting tentatively set for May 16, 2011 by sending an email to Stephen F Bush or any of the officers of the IEEE ComSoc Emerging Technical Subcommittee on Nano, Molecular, and Quantum Networking list below for further information.

 IEEE ComSoc Emerging Technical Subcommittee on Nano, Molecular, and Quantum Networking:

Chair: Andrew W. Eckford
Vice-chair (Standards liaison and working group chair): Stephen F. Bush
Vice-chair (Industrial liaison): Sanjay Goel
Vice-chair (Region 10 liaison): Jian-Qin Liu
Vice-chair (Awards liaison): Michael J. Moore
Vice-chair (Senior advisor): Tatsuya Suda

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